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The Big Johnson #2 recipe

19 May , 2010  

A good and delicious bar mix drink recipe for The Big Johnson #2, with Ketel One® vodka, cranberry juice, Southern Comfort® peach liqueur, White Lightning® cider, lime and sugar.

Mixing instructions, directions, method:
Cut a lime into slices and coat in sugar. Pour Ketel One vodka, Southern Comfort and White Lightning into a pitcher filled with ice. Pour cranberry juice into the pitcher last and allow to mingle with the spirits. Do not stir, since this weakens it. Pour through a strainer into a tall glass, and chug. The lime should stay at the bottom of the glass as you chug, forcing you to finish the shot in one gulp before you can retrieve the lime, and you *want* to get the lime before the air hits your tongue.

2 oz Ketel One® vodka
2 oz cranberry juice
2 oz Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
2 oz White Lightning® cider
1 lime

Serve in a Collins Glass

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