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Long drinks

Peppermint Aztec recipe

2 Sep , 2020  

Peppermint Aztec, with chocolate milk, Kahlua® coffee liqueur and peppermint schnapps. Mixing instructions, directions, method:Pour milk and liquors into a coffee mug, and add a peppermint stick or candy cane. Ingredients:1 cup chocolate milk1 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur2 oz peppermint schnapps Serve in a Coffee Mug Categories: Cocktails / Long drinks Keywords: peppermint aztec, peppermint, […]

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Short drinks

The Fat Albert recipe

19 May , 2010  

A good and delicious bar mix drink recipe for The Fat Albert, with chocolate mint liqueur, Kahlua® coffee liqueur, maple syrup, chocolate milk, crushed ice and whipped cream. Mixing instructions, directions, method:In a blender, mix the chocolate milk, ice, and maple syrup for about 5 seconds. Then add the chocolate mint liqueur and kahlua, blending […]

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Long drinks

Torombolo recipe

19 May , 2010  

A good and delicious bar mix drink recipe for Torombolo, with chocolate milk and Licor 43® liqueur. Mixing instructions, directions, method:Pour chocolate milk into a large glass, and add the licor 43. Mix well, and serve cold. Ingredients:2 parts chocolate milk1 part Licor 43® liqueur Serve in a Collins Glass Categories: Cocktails / Long drinks […]

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Long drinks

Velvet Presley recipe

4 Oct , 2009  

A good and delicious bar mix drink recipe for Velvet Presley, with bourbon whiskey and chocolate milk. Mixing instructions, directions, method:Pour bourbon over ice, add chocolate milk until creamy, and serve. Ingredients:3 fingers bourbon whiskey chocolate milk Serve in a Highball Glass Categories: Cocktails / Long drinks Keywords: velvet presley, velvet, presley, bourbon whiskey, chocolate […]

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